📌 Avoid data loss. Before you upgrade, make sure on the In-app Full Visits screen that all your visits and information have been synced. 

If an icon symbolizing synchronization appears, wait until that icon disappears from the screen.

⚠ To update the Contele Team Field Manager app simply click on the link:


By clicking on the link, if instead of the UPDATE option appears, OPEN appears, it is either unavailable for you or has already been updated.

To confirm you can open the app menu and check the latest version number at the bottom right.

📌After the update, the app crashes and the message “Contele has stopped” appears, click the report button and clean up the app data. 

If you do not know how to do this, please ask our support, who will immediately advise you.

📌Anything unexpected happens after the update, please notify us immediately through the service channels.

Leave your opinion and if do you have some doubt, talk with a expert on the chat online!

Don't forget, you can email us at support@contele.io if you are out of system.

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