Place: Interest point that could be a customer, sale’s house or the company.

Entrance or presence on the place: check-in

Exit from the place: check-out.

Starting Point: First check-in and check-out held on the day
Ending Point: Last check-in and check-out held on the day
Pending visit: All the places that you got to do check-in and check-out
Visit Made: All the places that you realized check-in and check-out

Start the map work where you want

For standard, the Contele Team Field Manager advice to use the first check-in and check-out as a starting point.

As you can see, the scheduled visit is sorted with pending status.

Remembering that the starting point could be the house of the employee as can be the exit door of the company.


Contele Team Field Manager can be integrated with Goode Maps, Uber, Waze, all for your employees to have the best path to the customer.

Just click at the ícon:

And select the app where you ‘d like to use to go:

  • Google Maps
  • Waze
  • Uber

If you prefer, copy the address and paste it where you want.

Differents Menu

After made the check-in and check-out in a scheduled visit, she change the status and go to Visit made list.

The Contele Team Field Manager counting for the refund every check-in and check-out

The visit that hasn’t check-in and check-out need be manually approved by the manager in the system

From the complete visits the system calculates, for example:

Total of Km determined - 15,3 Km
The factor of KM traveled - 0,45/ Km
Total to receive - a total of Km X factor of Km

See the infographic below:

Expenses tracking

The app allows to posting manuals refund values manually/ by your company.

Se the example below:

To manually launch, click the dollar sign ($) icon at the top right of the app.


After that, the new screen for adding reimbursable expenses will appear. 

The value is posted online and the manager can follow up with more agility.

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