In this tutorial, you will see how to create the file to import and edit in the Contele Team Field Manager system.

In this tutorial, you will see how to create the file to import and edit in the Contele Team Field Manager system.

Step by Step

1st Get your database

Download the places in the database and check if they have the minimum to import.

The minimum field required to import is: place name and address

2nd Fill in the Google Spreadsheet or download our standard spreadsheet

Click here to access the standard import spreadsheet.


To use the Google Spreadsheet (recommended)

Login at the Google account, open the spreadsheet and go to files > Copy.
Now, you can edit the spreadsheet by Google feature.


3rd Fill in the spreadsheet

Follow the footstep in our spreadsheet, for example; In the address line 1 field, put just the street name. if don’t have the address line 2, let the field empty.

You can copy and necklace from your to our spreadsheet.
If the Location address in your database is all together, you will need to separate the address by column as indicated in the column.

Street Address: 148 East Street, RD
Street Address Line 2: Suite 262
City: Feasterville
State/Province: Pennsylvania
Country: United State

4th Saving the spreadsheet

You got to save this file in .CSV.

At Google Spreadsheet: File> Download as > value separated by comma (.CSV.)

If you edit the Excel spreadsheet, you will need to save your spreadsheet in .XLS and import to Google Spreadsheet, open the file and download as .CSV.

5th Import the spreadsheet;

With o .CSV  in the Contele Team Field Manager, access the Settings >  Places > Import Places or click here and click at the Import Spreadsheet button.

In the “spreadsheet column“ you will see the titles of the spreadsheet columns
In the “Preview” you will see what information is being imported.

In “Database field” you will select the field related field to column (example. 148 East Street, RD)


Click at the pic to zoom 

6th Check with attention every field from the last column. If all the fills are rith, down the screen and click at “save and continue”.

Already” Your spreadsheet will charge for while seconds and will be import to the system. You will receive the notification of the success in the importation in your front.

The system starts the geolocation of the places in the background, that way, you can use the system in normal mode, therefore some registers will be not able immediately.

The deadline for geo-positioning is 24 to 48 hours.

Note: If there are any errors, you will be notified of the reason for the error.

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