Follow the steps to not have any problems with the field user.

  1. Check if the geolocation, needle, is fixed in the map and not just in the address registered.
  2. Even if the Contele Team Field Manager comes with the default area of 500 meters (0.31 miles) we advise to not change the value to less.
  3. Is interesting, when enabling this feature, to inform all the team to them understand and ask to manager the replace.
    Remembering that the manager or supervisor can replace by the system or in-app. (Available to iOS or Android system).
  4. Verify that Location is in geo-favorite status in the Location list. If so, look at the Visits Report where a check-in attempt was made.
  5. If the employee location is correct and Location is not correct, you can change it from the map under Visits Reports > Check-In Attempt by dragging the ''needle'' to the correct location.

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